New Diet to Reverse Diabetes & lose Fat Fast in 2022

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Just admit weight loss is “hard work” in fact very very hard work. When it comes to losing weight the general rule of thumb is calorie monitoring, dieting, and workout to burn anything in excess.

Every time someone starts the weight loss journey, the first thing to wonder is where to start when it comes to figuring out how many calories your body needs in a day.

In this article, we won’t be talking about all the basics which are already available on the internet, but we will be talking about the method which doesn’t only help you lose weight fast but also reverses diabetes. But as I said earlier weight loss is very hard work and to reap great rewards one must do hard work.

So when it comes to fast weight loss reducing the number of calories you eat in a day can be an effective weight-loss method. we are not talking about a low-calorie diet, this article is focused on a very low-calorie diet.

But first, one must understand the calorie needs of a man and a woman.

Average calorie ranges for women

Working professionals: It depends upon the nature of profession you do if you are moderately active and in the age range of 25 to 50 years you will need around 2000 calories daily

In the case of the Highly active nature of work, you will need 200 more calories, that is a total of 2200 calories in a day.

Teenagers: Teen girls need more calories to maintain healthy growth of their body, in this stage body is developing and to produce those essential growth hormones teenager girl requires a calorie range of between 2200 to 2500.

Over 50 age: A woman over 50 requires fewer calories, a moderately active grandma needs a calorie range in between 1800 to 2000 calories, but it also depends on the factors like other health conditions like diabetes, heart problems.

Average calorie range for men

Working professional: For moderately active working professionals, calorie range between 2200 to 2700 is ideal to maintain healthy weight and health,

For highly active men, with the profession related to construction and outdoors-related work where a person is physically active will need minimum of 3000 calories a day

For younger men between the age of 18 – 25 years, they need calories as much as active working professionals, the reason is to support the physical development of muscles and healthy growth hormones.

For older men aged between 46 to 65, the calorie requirement for a moderately active grandpa lies in between 2200 to 2400, but after the age of 65, a healthy grandpa requires 2200 calories.

Losing weight safely.

Many people want to lose weight fast but it is not every one candy to regularly follow an overly strict diet plan and workout schedule.

The method I’m going to discuss here is all based on diet, you don’t have to hit the gym, all you have to do is to follow VLCD (A very low-calorie diet ).

A recent study conducted in Uk by Dr. Michel Mosley has shown some impressive results. The best part of a very low-calorie diet is, it is equally effective for patients whose BMI index always dangle between overweight and obese.

After intermittent fasting Very low-calorie diets are in trend right now, and why shouldn’t they be. VLCD is like magic that can eradicate 3 life-threatening diseases.

  1. Obesity
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Type 2 Diabetes

But these diets are less commonly prescribed by dieticians, because people need to be in constant supervision of dieticians & Rapid Weight loss may not be safe for very vulnerable patients. Dieticians don’t recommend this diet for more than 12 weeks.

Some people feel skeptical about the fast weight-loss method because dieticians need to protect the profession. It is now commonly believed that low-calorie diets may only help with weight loss in the short term. Don’t believe in this, This study has proven that the effects of low-calorie diets are way longer.

This method of dieting is all about resetting the patient’s food consumption habits, which gives results for a longer duration of time.

The study was conducted by Dr. Michael Mosley and obesity expert professor Susan Jebb, They ran a study on patients who were battling with type -2 diabetes with BMI scale in the obesity category.

Professor Jebb observed that patients who eat mere 800 calories a day for the period of 12 weeks not only lost an impressive number of 9 kgs but also reversed their type- 2 diabetes.

This study was only conducted on patients whose BMI scale always dangled between overweight and obese categories.

The study concludes that being focused on calories does work, and you will lose weight once you cut your energy intake.

The basic principle of keeping weight off for a longer period of time is to lose more in the first place. This is because the rate of weight gain after the diet is reasonably consistent.

People argue that studies have found that this type of initial weight loss using such calorie deficit diets is rapid, it’s often followed by greater weight gain.

So the secret to the long-term effects of this diet is to aim for 60g of protein intake per day while dieting. This is to maintain cell health and muscles.

Scale and Sandwich

So how to reduce calorie intake? Here are my top tips.

Start your day by Drinking Lukewarm Water.

After a long night, our body is dehydrated. and our brain can misinterpret this thirst for hunger, so the first thing you need to do upon waking up is to drink lukewarm water, if needed you can add some lemon and organic honey. Lemon and honey can help you with less quantity of breakfast.

Switch juices with raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw and ripe fruits and vegetables are a rich source of gut-filling fibers. Eating a salad of raw fruits and vegetables not only helps in keeping you full for a longer time but also keeps you fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

You can take supporting supplements. My recommendation is this herbal blend of 8 Ingredients, which targets fat cells in your belly and prevents storing any excess fat. T know more Click Here

Eat clean and lean proteins:

Egg whites and whey protein can be considered while targeting the daily number of 60 g of protein.

Nap if bored:

Whenever you feel bored, you crave to put something in your mouth, so instead of watching food porn, TikTok’s take power naps, this way you can reenergize while keeping your mind distracted from thoughts of food.

Healthy snacking:

Wanna know my favorite, “Lotus seeds” these are the king of healthy snacks, super low in calories and superpower to fill your gut with just handfuls. this wonder snack can help you get that summer-ready body much faster.

Say bye to whites:

I’m talking about refined sugar, salt, and white rice.

Go for home-cooked meals:

Preparing food at home not only reduces your boredom but also saves you money. Plus when you cook by yourself, you can self-track your portions and ingredients.

No Frying, Not Even air Frying

Try steaming or grilling instead of frying in oils, this can help you track your oil intake.

Drink Black coffee or herbal tea:

Coffee and tea both are excellent sources of caffeine, This can decrease cravings and boost energy and overall mood, just avoid making it a latte.

Or You can try Coffee which is specifically designed to help you lose fat faster. Try it Here

In the end calorie deficit is the key to your dream summer body, but make sure to consult with your nutritionist before trying it by yourself.


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