3 Point Strategy To Lose Belly Fat Fast

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Belly fat is also known as visceral fat. Visceral fats are wrapped around your internal organs around your belly. You cant see it, you cant feel it, even if you are a flat tummy there might be still chances of visceral fats hiding deep into your belly.

The only way to know how much fat your belly is hiding is through an expensive scan

We accept increasing belly fat changes as an inevitable aging factor, but with every new research, scientists have understood that as our waistline grows so does the risk of chronic diseases.

Abdominal or belly fat is most concerning because it is not subcutaneous fat, you can grab subcutaneous fat with the pinch, but visceral fat lies deep within the space of internal organs.

According to the studies visceral fats has been linked to most autoimmune diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimers, stroke, high cholesterol, even breast cancer in women

How to know if you have visceral fat

Till now researchers are trying to understand and measure the pattern of the fat mount into the body. We know that the fat you can grab, (Those tires around below your abdomen) is subcutaneous fat. The fat in your abdomen is primarily visceral fat.

In simple terms, If your body looks like a pear it’s subcutaneous fat, and if your body looks like an apple it’s visceral fat.

Health risks of visceral fat

Visceral fat is dangerous because it doesn’t just sit inside your body, it disturbs your body’s, natural responses. it is responsible for releasing the proteins and hormones that can trigger an autoimmune response.

The inflammation caused by this response hinders your body’s ability to break fats and sugars, it affects the liver negatively, making it hard for the liver to get rid of excess fat and toxins

Visceral fat in your liver can trigger uncontrolled production of bad cholesterol, as time passes all this cholesterol starts accumulating in different parts of the heart and key arteries, increasing your risk of stroke.

These narrow arteries put pressure and strain on the heart and increase the risk of fluctuating blood pressure and blood clots.

How can you reduce visceral fat?

In this article, I will be sharing a smart way to deal with belly fat, but if you’re already in the obese category there is a chance for you.

Now to clear that fat that is lying in your body hidden in you, you need to understand why it is there. You have to understand belly fat.

Understand the basics of the body, and understand how our body accumulated all that fat.

Understand, our pancreas makes insulin after every meal in order to tame sugar spikes caused by the food we eat. Insulin is the key to our cell walls, insulin lets the cell walls open up and let sugar into to cell where it gets used by the mitochondria to generate energy.

In fat molecules, insulin controls the release of fatty acids which is another source of energy.

the problem starts when with age the quality of insulin reduces, the receptors to sense insulin also lose their sensitivity leading to repletion of sugar and fats into our body.

In absence of insulin, there is no control on fat molecules, this drives the chain of bad reactions all that excess fatty acids leaches out of our blood and starts accumulating around our organs, resulting in a rapid expansion of belly fat.

So what you should do to tame this fat outburst


The key is to control sugar spikes

The first thing you need to do is to completely cut processed sugar from your diet. Your aim should be to reduce blood sugar spikes, and the best way to do is to divide them into smaller spikes, How?

Simply divide the 3 big meals of your day into 6 small meals.

Sometimes people with uncontrollable cravings eat something loaded with sugar and to manage that excess sugar they skip meals, which could lead to more serious consequences.

When you skip a meal your body produces more hunger hormones which forces you to eat more than your predefined portion.

Always remember, sugar is like poison with 0 nutrients and promotes addition into our brain.

Avoid sugary soda drinks, energy drinks, potatoes, and processed white rice.

The second step is to avoid eating out as fast foods are loaded with transfat and bad carbohydrates, replace all processed carbs like white bread, chips, pasta with slow-releasing complex carbs like whole grains, brown rice, finger millets, oats, buckwheat.

Try more natural and healthy oils like ghee or butter instead of lard and margarine.

3rd step is intermittent fasting, if possible try an extra low-calorie diet like consuming less than 800 calories a day, you will not only lose visceral fat by eating fewer calories but your body also responds to the stress of fasting by releasing hormones to break down that stubborn fat around your belly to provide fuel to the cells.


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