7 Secrets For Deep & Quality Sleep.

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When you sleep better, you wake up feeling better, and your following day becomes better. No one can argue why sound and refreshing sleep is so important for doing well in life. sleep doesn’t only play a significant role in physical health but it can also affect your mental state significantly.

This article is going to focus on chosen 7 mistakes that we are making every day that is making our wind-down times difficult. According to the study published in sleep foundation, almost half of the Americans don’t feel productive during the day and say they feel sleepy during the day between three to seven days.

Always remember sleeping is the basic human need just like food, water, oxygen, sleeping is the most vital part for laying the foundation of good physical and mental health.

Why people are sleeping less.

To understand the root cause, we must understand the Rem cycle. There are two types, one is rem sleep and another one is non-rem sleep. In order to feel refreshed and recharged after sleep, we need both types of sleep. Now you must understand each individual has different needs of sleep, so don’t focus on force sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours.

The quality of your sleep also depends on when is your body is ready to sleep. Your body decides your hours of slumber by an internal body clock called circadian rhythms. This clock is responsible for turning every organ and cell, on and off.

So even if you are sleeping 9 hours a night, if the quality of your sleep is not good, you will most likely feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.

So in this article, we will be discussing small things you must address for a night of deep and refreshing sleep.

Avoid alcohol before sleep.

Many people will argue that alcohol can be the best sleep medicine, but alcohol suppresses the nervous system, it makes nervous activities slow. we feel relaxed and drowsy because of the sedative effects of alcohol on our nervous system.

Studies have shown that alcohol can reduce or hinder the rem cycle. When we drink, the alcohol gets absorbed into our bloodstream, the liver starts to process and metabolize the alcohol, and because breaking down the alcohol in the liver is a fairly slow process, all the non-treated or excess alcohol circulates the bloodstream. all this excess alcohol hampers the rem cycle and makes you more prone to insomnia.

At one point in time you might become habitual to alcohol to sleep, so if you drink to sleep, stop and use other relaxation methods.

Understand your quantity of sleep.

Every individual’s need of sleep is different and it depends on genetics and age. genetics plays a vital role in making us early bird or night owls, and age defines the quantity of sleep.

To understand how much sleep you need you must ask yourself: How many times do I feel tired during the day? or when is the time when I feel most alert. So I would advise you to pay attention to your body’s sleepiness signs, like feeling sleepy while traveling to work, during meetings or lectures.

The best way to track your sleep is by maintaining a sleep diary. it is a very useful tool to understand the pattern and time of your sleep. Just record the basic information about the time when you go to the bed, mid-sleep wakes, and how do you feel when you wake up, make changes to your routine and you will start to feel the difference and improvement.

Prioritize your sleep

If you feel your sleep is getting disturbed by the PS4 beeps or smartphone lights of your partner. I would suggest a sleep divorce, this means you can throw your partner out of your bedroom whenever you are ready for your sleep. always use your bedroom for sleeping, throw every electronic out even your partner. I know it is hard but if you really need your life to change for good, make this change.

Get enough sunlight during the day.

We know we need a calm and relaxed mind for good sleep, But you don’t have to drink, snort or smoke anything to calm your mind. Researchers have proven that exposure to sunlight stimulates the secretion of the serotonin hormone. Serotonin is responsible for a calm and focused mind.

Have you ever felt depressed in winters even if everything is fine in your life, it is because of the low sun exposures in the winters. When the sunlight enters through our eyes, it stimulates our brain to release serotonin.

Due to this connection, many doctors advise light therapy for depression. So don’t underestimate the sunlight.

Don’t force sleep.

This is the most common mistake people make, they fix their bedtime, go to bed and when they are unable to sleep, some will pop their phones, some will start their Xbox, or some will start counting sheep. These all things lead to a more procrastinating mindset when people waste their time in the name of bedtime.

So if you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes after laying down, get up do your other chores Or

Journal your day.

This is the best thing you can do if you can’t fall asleep. Journaling down your day’s ups and downs releases the stress and worries from your mind, making you think of the solutions instead of worrying about the problems.

Don’t workout late at night

Working out late the night before sets your heart and body at work making your brain hard to relax and calm. experts advise exercise and healthy addition to your sleep routine, but strenuous or high-intensity exercises can make your brain hard to relax in bed. Instead, light stretching or breathing exercises can be done because of their calming and meditative effects on the brain.

Focus on quality instead of quantity.

The quantity of sleep is decided by the quality of your sleep. always remember 5 hours of deep sleep is always better than 8 hours of disturbed and fragmented sleep. According to the research sleeping for 5 quality sleep hours are way better than 10 hours of fragmented sleep.

How to know if your sleep is going to be quality sleep.

  • If you sleep within 30 minutes after laying in bed
  • Being able to sleep undisturbed for at least 4 to 5 hours
  • Able to go back to sleep within 20 minutes is wakes up
  • Not waking up more than once in one night.

If your sleep contains the above mentioned factors then you can assume with surety that your sleep is of high quality.


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