Honey for Diabetes | Myth Debunked 2022

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Diabetes is a condition where the body,s autoimmune system destroys the B cells of the pancreas, These b cells are responsible for producing insulin in the body. when the body couldn’t produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, the sugar level increases so much that it starts affecting other organs of our body like the brain, eyes, skin, lungs, etc

Even today in 2022 there is no clear explanation of this autoimmune response.

Diabetes is now prevailing in the majority, and the most common reason is due to the growing culture of consumption of processed tin-packed foods.

How Diabetes affects our body.

Diabetes attacks on metabolism function of the body, which means it directly affects and reduces the body’s ability to store and release calories from the food we eat. And all this happens due to insufficient insulin production.

When we eat food, Our digestive system begins to break down the carbohydrates present in the food. the body converts this carb into a more bioavailable version which is known as glucose. Glucose can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This is the reason why you get a sudden kick of energy after drinking an energy drink.

In the case of diabetic patients, the insulin production is low, and when they eat carbs rich diet their body could not handle the excess glucose in the blood, because insulin is responsible for delivering glucose to your cells for energy.

What is honey?

flower and bee

IN simple words, Honey is a thick, golden, sticky liquid produced by bees. The primary ingredient of honey is the nectar of flowers.

This nectar is a sugary liquid that is only extracted by the bee’s tube-shaped tongue. The bee sucks the nectar from the flower and stores it in its extra stomach.

While stored in the stomach of the bee, this nectar gets mixed with the enzymes that change the chemistry of the nectar. This new chemical composition makes it suitable to store for a longer period of time.

When the bee returns to its hive, it transfers its nectar to another bee through its mouth. Bees transfer the nectar several times until it’s partially digested and can be stored in a honeycomb.

But the process is not over, this stored liquid has higher water content. To get this water out of their honey bees use their wings to speed up the process of evaporation. When the liquid reaches the desired consistency bees seal the door of the honeycomb with the secretion from its abdomen.

Does honey causes diabetes.

The general dietician points no significant difference between sugar and honey, both of them, affect the blood sugar level. Honey is even sweeter than processed sugars.

But, the researchers have found there is a possibility of a lower glycemic index of honey. Honey raises the level of a potent chemical called C peptide. When there is the normal level of C peptide it means our body is making sufficient insulin.

Can diabetics have honey?

According to my understanding and research. Honey is a natural form of sugar, but it is considered to be healthier when compared to regular sugar.

The major difference between honey and sugar is it is easier to digest and stimulates the metabolism level in a positive manner. Honey is broken down in the body by the enzymes which are already present in the honey, whereas sugar needs the help of the enzymes to get digested.

The bottom line is Honey is way sweeter than sugar and if you are thinking of substituting it with sugar then you’ll only need a little.

Does Honey Worsens Diabetes?


According to this research, NO. Honey has been proven to improve blood sugar regulations, and it is a natural source of sugars that can prevent several types of metabolic illnesses.

This is especially good news for diabetics because this research has proven that honey has anti-diabetic, anti-hypertension, and anti-obesity properties.

Honey can raise the sensitivity of insulin, aiming it more potent to regulate sugar in the blood. The major problem of type 2 diabetics is the reduced sensitivity of insulin which is already being produced in the body. Honey has shown a significant improvement in the sensitivity of insulin.

Honey has also shown anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent source of antioxidants that can neutralize oxidative stress, which is the trigger for the body’s autoimmune response.

As we know dietary antioxidants are the potent agent for reducing oxidative stress. These antioxidants are generally represented as molecules such as selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, arginine, and flavanoids.

These antioxidants can be easily taken in the form of a normal diet, The study has revealed that antioxidants in honey exhibit a wide range of biological effects in order to protect from metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Are there are any risks of eating honey for diabetics?

Honey’s composition contains 30% glucose and 40% fructose, apart from these honey has natural minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium.

As we know honey has a high level of fructose and carbohydrates, Though it has a very moderate GI index of 55, which is way lower when compared to regular table sugar. Some kinds of honey have an even lower GI values. It all depends on the variety of flowers.

But, honey is still high in calories and causes spikes in blood sugar.

So if your diabetes is under control and doesn’t fluctuate regularly, you can add honey to your diet. consume it in moderation after speaking with your doctor.

Which honey is best?

Raw honey is the purest. Generally, raw honey is strained and bottled straight away and contains all the natural nutrients, whereas commercial honey goes through the pasteurization process which includes adding the additives and heating of honey to increase the shelf life of honey.

The pasteurization process also increases the texture and kills the presence of any form of pathogens. It gives honey a clear texture, whereas raw honey has a thick cloudy texture. The processing of honey reduces the presence of nutrients and antioxidants in regular honey.

So if you are diabetic go for organic Raw honey.

My recommendations of Organic Honey.

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