How To Treat Seasonal Allergy Symptoms At Home

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Before treating allergies at home, one must understand why allergies happen? Allergies happen when the body’s immune system responds to a foreign substance. This immune response is triggered based on a person’s genetics because every individual is different and becomes allergic to different substances like pollens, dust, pet hairs, even flowers, and foods.

These symptoms happen when our immune system starts producing antibodies to counter these allergic substances. I personally believe all these autoimmune diseases happen due to allergic reactions, autoimmune problem triggers when the immune system mistakingly identifies any part of the body as harmful. This is the very same scenario with allergies because repetitive allergies mean our immune system’s memory is weak, and it gets triggered after some time.

So if you face allergies in every season, you must take extra care of your health.

Sneezing, an Itchy, Blocked, or Runny Nose.

Also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. spring is the time when every plant tree or whatever is alive tries to reproduce, one of the major triggers of hay fever in America are

Pet danders: Pet danders could be their fur, skin cells, saliva, or urine. the proteins in these danders could cause a severly blocked nose which can lead to prolonged sinus.

Pollens: Like I said pollens are released in the air for reproduction, these pollens could be of trees, grass, ragweeds, etc

Dust mites: Many people think they are allergic to dust, but the real reason is dust mites. These tiny bugs live in dust in our houses. people who are extra sensitive to dust mites could develop more severe symptoms like asthma and could face breathing problems.

Molds: Molds can become dangerous if left untreated, if you are regularly coughing, sneezing, and have red itchy eyes, this could be a mold allergy.

So how to deal with allergic blocked or runny nose? You are constantly coughing, and sneezing because your body couldn’t get rid of allergens that are sitting in your nose and throat.

So your first line of defense should be to wash those pesky allergens out of your system with Neti pot. Running saline water through your nostrils can physically flush out those allergens, reducing the load on your immune system.

Do not use normal water because our body’s ph level is different and could lead to irritation.

Along with washing allergens sinus rinsing also clears out any stagnating mucus that may have built up in your nostrils and sinuses, you must get rid of that mucus to prevent it from harboring bacteria in your body.

These teapot-looking contraptions might look and feel awkward to use, but these are time-tested and tried method for relieving from any allergens, Those who know how to use them, swear by them, just because they get relief so quickly without using any medication.

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How to use a Neti Pot

All you have to do is to lean forward over the sink, at about a 45-degree angle. Tilt your head so that one nostril is pointed down toward the sink. Don’t tilt your head back.

Place the tip of a neti pot just inside your nose. The tip should go in no further than a finger’s width. Keeping your mouth open, tilt the pot to pour the water into your nostril. Remember to breathe through your mouth, not your nose.

pour the salt water (saline) solution into one nostril. As it flows through your nasal cavity into the other nostril, it washes out mucus and allergens.

The saline solution also restores moisture and eases inflammation of the mucous membranes that line your sinuses. Tiny hair-like “cilia” in those membranes pass allergens and other junk to the back of your throat, where you can swallow them, don’t worry it can be taken care of by the acid in the stomach. It reduces the inflammation significantly and with less swelling, it’s easier to breathe.


Red Itchy Eyes.

When the clear membrane that protects the lining of our eyelids and covers the white part of our eyeball gets exposed to an allergen, it causes Allergic conjunctivitis in an eye, each individual reacts differently to allergens some get red eyes cause of pollens, some are allergic to molds and some gets allergic to pet danders.

conjunctivitis can affect people of all ages, though they are more common in children and young adults because they are less concerned about washing hands and personal hygiene.

Now for treatment, one of the best ways to relieve irritation is washing eyes with pure rose water. Make sure to source the purest rosewater without preservatives, pure rose water can be used as moisturizing and nourishing eyedrops.

We must remember, the treatment for conjunctivitis and dry eye is not available in modern science, so instead of pouring chemical-made eye drops use rose water.

Wheezing and Tightness in the Chest.

People who are more sensitive to allergens in the bronchial tract could develop symptoms of asthma, allergens cause inflammation which leads to swelling in the inner lining of bronchial tracts. this contracted air passage leads to symptoms of shortness in breathing and chest tightness or rapid breathing.

One must take special care of children because kids often don’t pay much attention while playing. If your child often feels exhausted or wants to sit on the sideline while other children are playing, he or she may be having trouble breathing.

Chest congestion often happens due to mucus accumulation in air passages, many doctors prescribe steam baths to relieve asthma symptoms, If you are also feeling asthma-like symptoms try steam therapy. there are tons of vaporizers available at drug stores.

Steam can provide moisture to your airways, loosening the mucus in the airways and expanding the bronchia.

But some people find heat uncomfortable in case of acute asthma, so consult with your doctor first.

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Skin Rash and Itching.

Allergic rashes could appear anywhere, face, hands, legs, back, you name it, One must examine the rashes carefully because rashes could be several types with several different reasons. They vary in appearances came in many forms.

Allergic rashes could be dry, moist, bumpy, smooth, cracked, or blistered, they can be painful, itchy, or even change colors.

One of the simplest treatments for allergic rash is applying pure aloe vera gel or coconut oil. These both are beneficial from relieving itchiness and redness of rashes, aloe vera helps in moisturizing and repairing cracks in the skin.

Simply apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil over the area and let it absorb or dry. repeat the process as necessary,

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We believe nature has provided all the health-related solutions to us and our ancestors knew about them. At rustic fix, we are revisiting our rural solutions, we break health myths & share natural ways to handle lifestyle problems.

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