3 Herbs That Detoxify Liver Naturally.

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Understand why the liver is important for the health, consider it as a dusting cloth you use on the daily basis, after some time you will reach the point where you have to wash the cloth to make it work effectively. You must know all the toxins that get in our body get filtered by our liver and converted into waste material that is then expelled from the body from various channels. When the liver has broken down harmful substances, they are excreted into the bile or blood. Bile by-products enter the intestine and ultimately leave the body in bowel movements. Blood by-products are filtered out by the kidneys and leave the body in the form of urine. When liver functioning gets compromised, this toxin gets accumulated in the body resulting in various acute and chronic liver and health-related diseases like Hemochromatosis, Hepatitis A, B, C, fatty liver, liver cancer.

So how would we know that liver function is compromised.

The liver is the most hard-working organ of our body, and there are more than 500 functions attributed to its name. Any minor dysfunctionality in the liver makes your body proactively shows signs and signals. The most common of them are dark spots on the skin and premature graying of hair. one of the functions of the liver is to break down fat, so when you notice weight gain or you have reached the plateau of weight loss, you will just need a liver to cleanse. another major function of the liver is to store iron, and if you are feeling a loss of energy and constant fatigue, you need to focus on your liver. some other signs of poor liver health are.

  • Bad breath
  • Yellowish eyes and skin(jaundice)
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling in body parts
  • Tendency to bruise easily
  • Itchy skin
  • High cholesterol
  • Allergy for certain foods

Why does the liver get toxic?

Our liver is quite resilient than the other organs of our body, but if we keep overburdening the liver it loses its efficiency, in other words, the more we expose ourselves to toxins, it gets harder for our liver to detoxify our body. and there are a lot of factors that contribute

Air and water pollution

Researchers have studied that the prolonged exposure of fine particles in the air like PM 2.5 causes health problems like fibrosis, metabolic disorders, and liver cancer. Researchers have also focused on the effects of pollution on lung tissues and the cardiovascular system, but these experts hypothesized that pollution would also be detrimental to the liver. Already the liver acts as one of the body’s detoxification and metabolism centers.

Binge Drinking of alcohol:

glasses of wine

The liver breaks down most of the alcohol you drink so that it can be removed from the body. This creates chemicals that are even more even harmful than the alcohol itself. These substances can damage liver cells and cause serious liver disease. Alcohol causes 4 out of 5 deaths from liver disease. Studies have shown, Around 1 in 5 heavy drinkers have scarring of their liver (cirrhosis). Heavy alcohol consumption Alcohol is the chemicals that break down and remove scar tissue. Scar tissue is crucial to replace normal healthy cells. This condition means that the liver can’t work properly and can fail, leading to death.

Use of refined cooking oils:

Cooking oil

Edible oils extracted from plants by cold press and crushing of seeds are commonly known as vegetable oils. In addition to their use in cooking and baking, they’re commonly found in processed foods, including salad dressings, margarine, mayonnaise, and cookies. Refined oils are extracted from plants using either a chemical solvent or oil mill. Then they are often purified, refined, and sometimes chemically altered. These can get easily oxidized compared to the same oil which is extracted through a cold-press mill.

Commercially refined vegetable oils may also contain high levels of trans fats, which form when the oils are hydrogenated or we could say used more than once. Food producers use hydrogenation to harden vegetable oils, making them solid like butter at room temperature. For this reason, vegetable oils found in margarine are commonly hydrogenated and full of trans fats.

Over Medication:

supplement pills

Your liver filters everything that goes into your body. It clears out excess drugs salts and chemicals from your blood. Then it processes the unwanted bits so you can flush them out through your urine or bile.

Sometimes, as your liver does its job to process these excess salts, toxins form as a byproduct. They can inflame and damage your liver very seriously and could lead to toxic liver disease. Toxic liver disease may be mild or severe. If it goes on for a while, it could cause permanent liver scarring or cirrhosis. This can lead to liver failure or even death. In some severe cases, as with acetaminophen, even short-term use can be enough to cause liver failure.

Sugary and fatty foods:

Sugar cubes

Overindulging in processed and laden with hydrogenated fats and artificial sugars Fat also causes liver cells to work harder, which could stress them and contribute to liver disease, in addition, the saturated fat lowered the liver’s ability to store glucose compared to fat, “which over time might favor fatty liver diseases. Saturated fats such as in butter, fatty cheeses, and coconut oil are thus the worst thing to eat from the liver perspective.


every time you get angry or irritated your liver has to pay the price because anger is closely related to the health of your liver. Anger signals a physical imbalance (thirst, hunger, lack of sleep); an emotional imbalance, or an organ imbalance. anger forces you to indulge in fatty and sugary foods overworking the Liver, When the liver is out of balance or over-worked more problems like lack of sleep, weak digestive system and other health complications arise.

Lack of sleep:

It’s a known fact that our body detoxifies when we sleep, late-night binge-watching your favorite shows doesn’t give your liver the opportunity to recharge. and when it doesn’t get rest, its chemical functions could go haywire.

How to Cleanse the Liver:

The idea is simple, reduce the toxic overloading, and your liver is capable enough to rejuvenate itself, this can be done by eradicating the causal factors as much as possible. out of many natural ways I have researched and selected top herbs that can cleanse and reset your liver within a couple of weeks.

Fresh sugarcane juice:

The moment you open your eyes in the morning, the first thing you need to do is to have a glass full of sugarcane juice empty stomach, make sure to give it minimum 30 minutes to work its magic on your liver. Sugarcane juice is extremely beneficial to the liver. It helps the liver operate effectively by removing illnesses associated with the liver. The body’s immunity is boosted by drinking sugarcane juice. researchers have found that sugarcane juice was found to be more effective as a hepatoprotective agent as compared to vitamin C in INH-induced oxidative liver injury. Further research studies are required to see if different doses and modes of administration of these antioxidant-rich agents have different effects on INH-induced liver damage.

Milk Thistle Seeds:

Milk thistle has been a critical part of ancient medication practice for over 2000 years. Over those years, this herb picked up the nickname the liver protector. Today, doctors suggest milk thistle and the extract of silymarin to ensure optimal liver health. The rate of death by liver disease continues to rise. Therefore understanding the power of this plant could help save the liver. Milk Thistle Protects Your Liver from oxidative damage due to heavy toxins in the diet. Milk thistle is often promoted for its liver-cleansing compounds. It’s also regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have serious liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis and even liver cancer.

Picrorhiza kurroa:

One of the best herbs for liver, given by Himalayan region. One of the primary benefits of Picrorhiza kurroa lies in the help it carries for the liver and balancing liver-related problems. Picrorhiza kurroa helps even out the imbalance caused by alcohol residue and rule out problems like bile disorders and scar formation in the liver. Plus, Picrorhiza kurroa also contains an important enzyme, known as ‘kutkin’ or ‘picroliv’ in a high quantity which ensures good liver function by promoting the production of enzymes to filter out blood, cleanse out the toxins and limit your exposure to the bad germs which can impact functioning. No wonder, it is considered to be an important detoxifying or liver rejuvenating herb.


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