Taking Care while Being Covid Positive

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With 2022 starting with new covid 19 waves all across the globe, the major concern is how to maintain health with all the complications.

covid 19 not only affects the body physically but also mentally. Lockdowns trigger stress and anxiety resulting in side effects like increased heart rate, fluctuating blood pressure, digestion problems. S the first thing we need to do is not to panic and take care of our mental health.

In this article, I will be sharing how I fought with covid and took care of my health. After testing positive I only took regular medicines and followed my doctor’s advice. I will be sharing my experience with natural treatment at home and how they helped me to stop the virus from entering and damaging my body. and coming up negative in just 8 days.

so if you are covid positive right now, just relax and watch some funny movies instead of depressing news channels.

The natural approach to stop covid getting severe is to stop the virus spread into the body and to do that start with

Turmeric and saltwater gargle.


Turmeric and salt water can do wonders because it is my personal experience. Every morning, the moment you open your eyes the first thing you need to do is to wash out the virus load.

Take 1 glass full of warm water, add half a tablespoon of turmeric and a pinch of salt, and gargle with it.

Turmeric is loaded with curcumin which helps with reducing the virus load in the body, as curcumin is proven not only antifungal and antibacterial but also antiviral,

It is proven to neutralize not only the covid 19 virus but is also effective against Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya virus.

Studies have also proven to dissolve excess mucus in the respiratory tract. Covid is fatal when it reaches our lungs and starts replicating. to slow the replicating process and to stop the virus from spreading our immune system produces thick mucus to trap the virus

the problem starts when this mucus starts to obstruct the oxygen absorption. so it is very important to stop the virus from reaching our lungs.

You can proceed to your daily morning after gargling with turmeric water.

Steam therapy.

Steam diffuser

I can swear on this, cause with just 1 steam therapy my coughing was gone forever and never returned.
But know it’s not the cure for covid 19, steam helped with keeping my lungs and respiratory tract clear from access mucus, dust, and air pollution.

Steam therapy doesn’t neutralize the virus but, it keeps the nasal and respiratory tract clear for easy breathing.

last year the predominant cause of covid deaths was because of inability to breathe and lack of oxygen.
Steam therapy also acts as a natural expectorant and relieves respiratory discomfort by ventilating and cleaning the trachea.

How to take steam therapy.

The best way to take steam therapy is with a relaxing hot water shower, just close your shower door and let the steam fill in the shower

  1. Another way is to boil the water and add half a teaspoon of turmeric to it.
  2. Pour the hot (not boiling) into the bowl, so you can take it wherever you are comfortable
  3. Drape yourself with a large towel or bedsheet to prevent the steam from getting out.
  4. Lower your head above the bowl carefully, make sure you don’t take steam directly as it could burn your face.
  5. Breath long and slow inhalation of steam with your nose.
  6. Take minimum of 10 minutes of steam for best results

Nowadays electric steam vaporizers are also available, you can buy them online or from your local drug store.

Regular Exercise

Even I was extremely weak. I used to do breathing and light yoga exercises daily. Exercise provides energy for the whole day, keeping yourself active not only helps your immune system but is also helpful for your mental health.

Studies have shown that those who were active minimum of 150 minutes every week had a strong immune response and protection against severe symptoms of covid 19.

Even if you are in quarantine just fast walking around the room is enough, You can also try yoga burn program which is best for soreness-proof workouts. Yoga-based exercise not only strengthens the breathing and lungs but also reduces those extra kilos really fast. So if you are in lockdown you can try Yoga Burn.

Take care of nutrition

Always remember. Optimum nutrition and a healthy diet impact our immune system, A proper diet can ensure that the body is in proper state to defeat the virus.

our body needs lots of ammo to fight off viruses. so make sure you keep your supply of nutrients strong for your immune system.

I used to take heavy protein breakfasts, primarily 6 to 8 boiled eggs for faster digestion. Carbs-based lunch and again protein-rich dinner before sunset for better digestion.

Apart from a healthy diet, I used to take 2 to 3 Indian gooseberry candies for an ample supply of vitamin c, as vitamin c is one of the major constituent of water-soluble vitamins which tends to make a strong immune system.

For fats, I used to take 8 soaked almonds in the morning with fish fry serving every third day. my doctor had advised me that increased intake of omega 3 decreases the movement of the virus and helps with decreasing the severity of infection.

Keep Monitoring Yourself

Keep monitoring devices handy like blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter

Regularly measure oxygen levels and Blood pressure, If you suspect any abnormalcy in any readings contact your local healthcare facility immediately.

Always remember the key to fighting infection is reducing the multiplication of the virus and reducing the viral load in the body. our immune system will take care of the infection.


We believe nature has provided all the health-related solutions to us and our ancestors knew about them. At rustic fix, we are revisiting our rural solutions, we break health myths & share natural ways to handle lifestyle problems.

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