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Meningitis Symptoms in Adults and Management

Meningitis is a communicable disease. It affects the meninges ( A protective membrane that covers the brain and the spinal cord ). Meningitis causes an inflammation of the membrane. One of the most common symptoms of meningitis is stiffness in the neck and jaws. When the fluid that surrounds the brain and...

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How To Manage Migraine Pain at Home

According to the latest data approx 30 million Americans suffer from headaches related to migraine. There is a significant difference between common headaches and migraines. What is a common headache? Headache is a common condition of pain in the head or face, the pain can be different, like throbbing like pain while...

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How to Promote Positive Mental Health in Children

Definition of child’s mental health. A child’s mental health is totally different from an adult’s mental health, in my view, the mental health of a child is defined as the healthy development of a childhood milestone without any indications of general stress, anxiety, low motivation & energy, learning disabilities and difficulty in...